Our quality control
is very strict. All material is backed by
mill test from the supplier.
Our certifications:
  1. We are certified by the CANADIAN WELDING BUREAU on the norm of CSA STANDARD W47.1-09 – DIVISION #2  for the welding steel.


  2. We are certified by the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURER  ENGEENERING ASSOCIATION ON THE ASME CODE SECTION VIII –DIVISION#1 EDITION 2010 for the manufacturer of pressure vessel.


  3. We are certified by the ACNOR  on the norm of CSA STANDARD B51-9 for the manufacture of pressure vessel.


  4. We also have the Canadian certification to built pressure piping  on the norm of B31.1 AND B.31.3.


  5. We have the certificate to built from REGIE DU BATIMENT DU QUEBEC.




Our address
4799, Rue Roberge
Lac-Megantic (Quebec)
Canada G6B 2Z5

Tel. : 1-819-583-1324
Fax : 1-819-583-2872

To contact us
For more information, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.




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